Clinical Pharmacist Support Services

Having a pharmacist on your team WILL save you time and money

About Sanapharm

Sanapharm identified the benefits of employing clinical pharmacists to work in practice over 4 years ago and has been providing medicines optimisation services to practices since 2019.

Working closely with practices over the years has given us insight into the challenges facing general practice, and how our services can best support them. We have reviewed the medicines of over 1 million patients with primary care savings exceeding £5 million.

Sanapharm can provide pharmacist support within your practice to support all medicine optimisation related activity.

Why commission a clinical pharmacist in practice?

Primary care and in particular GP practices are under significant pressure to meet patient demand. The reasons for this include a shortage of GPs, patients living longer and a significant increase in patients living with long term conditions.

Utilising pharmacists to work in practice provides support for the GPs thus freeing up more time for GPs to support the more challenging needs of the patients.

The role of a clinical pharmacist is varied and Sanapharm can develop a bespoke package depending on your practice’s individual needs. We will take into account your patient demographics, prevalance and individual challenges to build an individual support package. This will be carefully monitored to ensure you are getting maximum efficiency from your pharmacist.

Cost / Benefit analysis

As well as freeing up GP time, and in addition to the savings achieved, clinical pharmacists can conduct audits, update policies and many other tasks.

The patients’ perspective

Sanapharm has carefully managed the implementation of pharmacists into practice and engaged with patients.

The evidence so far demonstrates that the development of clinical pharmacists working in GP practices as part of the practice clinical team is welcomed by patients.

In conclusion

Sanapharm can quickly implement a pharmacist into your practice and develop a bespoke package to best support your medicine optimisation needs.

Our services include:

  • Face to face and telephone based reviews of patients and their medicines
  • Acute medication requests – assessment of suitability of request, or contact patient and arrange review if this is needed (e.g. overuse of benzodiazepines)
  • Hospital discharge and outpatient letters – action changes to medication (dose changes, medicines started or stopped)
  • Repeat medication re-authorisation – incorporating medication review
  • Set up and manage monitored dosage systems requests
  • Support long-term condition clinics and develop integrated pharmaceutical care plans for all patients
  • Medicine review clinics – patients with complex medication needs have a face-to-face or telephone review. Home visits for this service can be arranged for truly housebound patients
  • Medicine related enquiries – stopping unnecessary medicines, advising on additional medicines and up to date monitoring
  • Liaise with community and hospital pharmacy colleagues
  • A Pharmacist Independent Prescriber can prescribe any licensed or unlicensed medicine within their area of clinical competence
  • Liaise with the practice and help to meet LES/DES/QOF
  • Handle medication queries from community pharmacie

Next steps

If you would like more information on our services and how we can help support your practice, we offer the following options:

  • An informal phone conversation
  • An individual or small meeting
  • A practice meeting with a presentation on the benefits of pharmacists in practice (ideal for staff meetings)

Commissioning a clinical pharmacist in practice

A brief overview of tasks a pharmacist performs in practice:
LTC Clinics
Polypharmacy reviews
Repeat prescriptions
Managing referral
Advising staff
Cost / Benefit Analysis: As well as freeing up GP time, clinical pharmacists can also reduce the costs of the practice.
Time period
Cost of a pharmacist
Cost of a locum GP
Net saving
1 hour
1 day
1 month
1 year
Do you think having a clinical pharmacist at your doctor’s surgery would be a positive addition to your care?
Would you welcome the opportunity to have a review of your medicines with a clinical pharmacist?
A snapshot of a bespoke support package built for the specific practice needs in a one week period:

Patients seen

QOF – 26
Med review – 31
Acute – 17

Tasks completed

Rx requests – 83
Letters – 102


Reception – 21
Clinician – 17

What was the reason for speaking to a clinical pharmacist?
A face to face review of all my medicines.
I had a question about the medicines I was prescribed.
A review of my medicines over the phone.
I needed a prescription for a medicine that I had not had before from the practice.
I had a problem with getting a supply of my medicines.
To have the supply of my repeat prescription reauthorised.
The pharmacist had a question they wanted to ask me.
I had a change to my medicines following a hospital admission or hospital outpatient appointment.
I needed a prescription for a medicine that I’d had before from the practice.

Community services for patients

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