Community Services for Businesses and Commisioners

Immunisation and Vaccination Services

Sanapharm is a UK provider of schools immunisation and vaccination services.

Sanapharm have been delivering immunisation programmes since 2020 and Nasal flu programmes since 2021. In 2019, we delivered the nasal flu and secondary school immunisation service to 100,000 children across Yorkshire.

Our secondary school immunisation service is delivered to 26,000 young adults across Yorkshire and provides HPV, Td/IPV (Teenage booster) and Meningitis ACWY booster. We also offer MMR (measles-mumps-rubella) vaccinations for those pupils that have either not commenced or not completed their MMR vaccination programme.

Our team of Nurses and Healthcare Assistants supported by a team of administrative staff provide the programme through a convenient service that visits schools.

Sanapharm have recently launched a website which provides electronic consent to its customers. This website allows Sanapharm to offer parents and guardians a more efficient option for completing and submitting consent forms for their children / young adults.

Sanapharm also have experience in delivering BCG catch-up programmes, Hepatitis A screening and immunisation programmes and supporting NHS England and CCGs in managing Influenza outbreaks.

Our teams have also provided immunisation and vaccination support for businesses including Hepatitis B vaccinations and Influenza vaccinations for staff.

For commissioners, Sanapharm can provide many benefits to Public Health England, NHS England, CCGs, and GP Practices;

  • A very experienced team that has delivered immunisations at large scale across the country
  • Experience of delivering immunisation and vaccination services through a number of different contracts and contract models (e.g., prime provider, Call-On / Call-Off)
  • Immunisation Training
  • Sub-contracting arrangements to support delivery of immunisation and vaccination services

For businesses, Sanapharm can provide the following benefits to GP Practices and GP Federations including;

  • Support GP practices with experienced nurse teams to deliver immunisation and vaccination programmes
  • Locum and Holiday Cover: If your practice does not have a clinician to deliver immunisations and vaccinations due to holidays or sickness,
  • Sanapharm can provide experienced clinicians to deliver a high standard of patient care. Please contact Sanapharm for further details and to discuss your requirements
  • Sub-contracting arrangements to support delivery of immunisation and vaccination services